The Team

Marcela Cel

The Founder of Well Organized, which been established since 2010. Cel had worked at several advertising agencies in the above-the-line (ATL) division. The last company she worked for was Astro Indonesia. When Astro Indonesia collapsed, she decided to switch from ATL to below-the-line (BTL) projects where she learnt about event concepting, production, project management, and show management. As a founder, Marcela embodies the spirit of smart-work instead of just hard-work.

Olive Nathasa

As the Account Leads, she has experienced in working with top-notch clients and brands at her previous company Kare DESIGN and Visicita. She always aims for perfection especially on the execution day. One of the most challenging project for her is Jalan-Jalan Bareng Nissan. Where the concept needs to integrate both offline and online, and bringing the real experience of driving Nissan to the people who are interested in doing the test-drive. It a level up test-drive.

Ahmad Faizal

As the Account Team, Faizal always has a motto to treat his client as his friends. He has been with Well Organized for more than 5 years and have bring the company a step forward. Most challenging project for Faizal was OPPO Crazy Rich. It was a big area with heavy decorations and it was two events with different setups. The participants were almost 3000 person and we also need to work closely with OPPO’s partner to make the concept work.

Dikki Ahmad Rizky

As the Production Leads in the company, he has been working as production advisor as well as production team since his previous company, Visicita. His skills in production and high curiosity in providing the best production solution is top notch. One of the most challenging project is GoFood Festival, where the production team needs to dig in the materials that can be used indoor and outdoor in a long time, instead of one night loading.

Christian Yuharto

As the Creative Director, Tian always wanting to create a concept that tells story. He always think on how to deliver the message and make it top of mind. His experience in working at Visicita and FAB Group has bringing him a spirit to express the idea freely. One of the most challenging project is I Love Indonesia Festival, where he needs to learn every single pattern and culture in Indonesia and portray it into the design.